legal strategies for smart growth and sustainability

Deborah Curran & Company — SERVICES

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Deborah Curran & Company lends the legal expertise to projects that benefit from a team of land use professionals.

Smart growth land use and development strategies

  • Drafting covenants, bylaws and other instruments to ensure the long term success of innovative land developments
  • Technical and legal review of plans and other documents through a smart growth and sustainability lens
  • Drafting and reviewing bylaws that embrace sustainability approaches
  • Solving local government growth management and land development issues with smart growth solutions
  • Tailoring strategies for municipal cost recovery, particularly development cost charges, that promote sustainability and level the development playing field
  • Creating programs and regulatory regimes to address a broad range of unique land development goals such as protecting agricultural land and ecologically sensitive areas, integrating affordable housing, and designing smart growth streetscapes

Organizational governance and management

  • Providing advice to local governments and non-profit organizations on the development or reorganization of internal management processes to embrace sustainability and partnership approaches
  • Structuring innovative governance models for land ownership and management

Areas of practice

  • Administrative Law
  • Contracts
  • Charities
  • Environmental Law
  • Land Use Law
  • Municipal Law
  • Non-profit organizations