legal strategies for smart growth and sustainability

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Local governments and communities are seeking solutions that address economic, social and environmental integrity.

Clients value our innovative legal solutions to land and community development issues. As leaders in smart growth and urban sustainability strategies, we ensure that our clients receive the professional advice they need to create more livable communities.

Deborah Curran & Company is founded on the principle of offering sound legal services to clients engaged in smart growth and sustainable developments. We provide integrated legal, land use planning, and governance solutions, focusing on strategies that embrace smart growth and sustainability. We work with individuals at the forefront of planning, engineering, architecture, urban design, and law to provide clients with the advice they require.

Our clients include local governments (municipalities and regional districts), community organizations, businesses and individuals committed to sustainability.

As part of our commitment to creating more livable communities, we use a triple bottom line approach in our own business. We strive to serve the community, contribute pro bono and volunteer service to the community.

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